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About Musivent

Musivent brings highly engaged fans before, during and after the event. Invite Musivent to your next event.
Unleash the Magic!


Your private events, small events, big event, public event - Musivent will let you create the magic. Your audience is guaranteed to have great time. Musivent will let you emerge as the best host.


Are you professional performer? Don't you wish it would be great if you knew the audience little better ahead of your show? Also, create amd promote yourself through Musivent.


No event will be complete without you. Don't you wish your voice was heard by the hosts / performers so that you feel part of an event rather than just the silent voice-less audience? Musivent is your answer.

Key Features

Musivent is tagetted to increase audience engagement via simple gamification which is applied
before an event, during an event and after the event. Unleash the magic today.

Audience Wishlist

Know what your audeince wants to before an event
has begun. Gamification prior to the
event creating engagement.

Instant Feedback from Audience

Know the pulse of audience via instant
likes for performances. Our state of the art
push notification makes it happen.

Engage with Audience

Not just pre-event or during the event
but continue engagement with audience
post event.

Find Performers in your neighborhood

You would be surprised how many local
artists are in your neighborhood. Private and secure way to connect
without revealing private data.

100% Native

Experience the best user experince via
our 100% native app on iOS and Android.
Full web version available as well.

Collaborate Easily with Co-hosts

Line-up the event by easy drag-drop
of performances. All co-hosts can collaborate
to decide on the event flow.

Why Musivent

Musivent is THE tool you need as host of any art / music / performance related events.
It generates and brings highly engaged audience to your event, allows you to sell more tickets.



  • Easy creation of event
  • Invite from Favorites
  • Event Code for Large Invitees
  • Collaborate with Co-hosts
  • Task creation, Assignment and Reminders
  • wishlist - Attendees and Performers Engage
  • Setup Fund Raising
  • Share on Social Media
  • Create More Buzz About Your Event
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Download Mobile App

During Event


  • Line Up Event Sequence
  • Never Miss Important Announcements
  • Engage Through Interesting Trivia Questions
  • Instant Poll With Audience
  • Instant Feedback on Performances
  • Live Buzz on Social Media
  • Know What Audience Wants
  • Give Chance to Win Prizes
  • Raise Funding for your Charity
  • Leave Last Minute Organization Chaos Behind
  • Download Mobile App

Post Event


  • Event Analytics
  • Thank You Note
  • Collect All Memories in One Place
  • Feedback on Event and Performances
  • Raise Funding for Your Charity
  • Build Performer Profiles
  • Leave Audience Mesmerized
  • You Be The Hero on Social Media
  • Raise Your Brand Awareness
  • Sell More Tickets
  • Download Mobile App

How It Works

Very simple to get started. Download the native app on iOS or Android or simply, go to
Real-time event engagement meters create more buzz and awareness.


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